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About is an online community of sports and music fans, sharing their view and views of particular venues and events. lets you share reviews and photos of sporting events, concerts and other live performances, as well as sports stadiums, arenas, concert venues and halls - right down to the view from your seat.

Tired of looking for tickets to an event and wondering just how far away they really are from the stage or field? SeeMySeats fills that need by providing user-submitted photos of the actual view from specific seats.

Want to share your feelings about a particular venue or event? Sign up (it's free) and post your review, with details right down to the quality and price of food and drinks, crowd enthusiasm, and of course the view from your seats. Please and thank you :-)
Share the wealth on - you can share your views, photos, blogs and interests with your growing network of friends! The more you participate, the more valuable the site becomes to you and everyone else. is for everyone:

  • People who want to see the view at a particular venue, from their seat or a seat they are considering purchasing
  • People who want to find out more information and other people's opinions about a venue before an event
  • Sports fans and music fans who want to meet others with similar interests

If you have suggestions or comments, please mail them to us via our contact page: contact

How Do I Use

  1. If you just want to look up information and revues of a venue before you go, use the Search box at the top of any page and enter the city or name of the venue (even part of the name is OK)
  2. If you want to find reviews written by someone you know, enter their name (part of their name is fine), online nickname (ask them what it is) or city in the Search box.
  3. If you want to submit your own reviews and photos of a venue or event, Sign Up and Create a Profile - your Profile is your page on the site, where you can describe yourself, hobbies and interests and where you can create reviews and blogs. Signing up also allows you to edit or delete your reviews later, and send messages to other members on the site.
  4. Once you have signed up, connect with other users, by browsing the site or searching by name, city or tag.



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